Riverwalk Connects Eno River Mill to Downtown Hillsborough

Message from Alex Gold on August 26th,

" I just road my bike downtown to the Weaver Street Market on the newly completed trail.

You can too, if you follow the courtyard to the one way signs at the School …………just a couple yards past that is our access point."

The Eno River Mill is now connected to downtown Hillsborough with the completion of the final phase of the Riverwalk earlier last month. The new path will allow tenants and guests at the Mill to access the shops and restaurants such as Hillsborough BBQ Company and Weaver Street Markets via foot or bicycle. The path meanders along the Eno River and through Gold Park, connecting to the nearby neighborhood. A map of the Riverwalk connecting Eno River Mill to downtown can be seen by clicking HERE.

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There is a lot of action going on at the Eno River Mill!  We are sharing some of the photos of "before and after" on the progress of the transformation to The Cloth Mill at Eno River. 

This is a before picture of what the mill looked like before renovations started!

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The beautiful old windows being opened up!  They will look onto the new courtyard.

All the old piping and ductwork removed.  Beautiful original wood finishes appearing!